Porygon-Z and Gliscor DP35 and DP36 Promos

DP35 and DP36 Porygon-Z and Gliscor have finally been released in stores. They each come in their own blister pack with two Platinum and one Legends Awakened booster pack, as well as a coin featuring both Electivire and Magmortar. Click the thumbnails below for larger images, which are provided by Shakespeare.

These promos were originally released last July in Japan and were supposed to be released February 11th with Platinum‘s retail release in America. For some reason, the blister packs were delayed by almost two months, though they were available in Europe. Since they have now been spotted in American stores, they can now be considered legal for official tournament play!

Porygon-Z (DP35) Gliscor (DP36)