Site Back Up Tomorrow

Alright. *takes a deep breath* The site will be back up tonight no matter what. I just have a couple of small things I have to fix and then it’ll go live. The only thing that will be different is the back end of the site, which is a completely different system that will allow me to work on the site much better. The old system was broken for months, but now that won’t be the case no ‘mo.

Shakespeare randomly decided 2 months or so ago to rescan every single card in his collection using his high-quality scanner (9,061 unique cards), spare recent sets that are already scanned in with it. So we will be replacing all of our scans with even higher quality ones (they are already high quality, but both of us are O.C.D. about perfection and want them to be even better!). That also includes promo scans, so those will go up soon as well. “Soon” has historically meant “never” on this site, but now that we have a new and working system that will likely never be replaced, we can work on the site like never before.

There is also one other surprise coming. I hope we can get it up soon… since it’s only been “in production” since like… 2006. This is what happens when you don’t know programming – everything moves slower than a snail’s pace.

Also! If anyone who is reading this right now collects the Japanese cards as soon as they are released (for example, you are the type of person who has already ordered your “Pulse of the Frontier” boxes), we would like to meet you! While we get scans from Toho a few days before the Japanese sets come out, they aren’t very good quality. So, we want someone who gets all the cards as soon as they are released and who can scan them with a good-quality scanner! If you are this person, please shoot an e-mail to [email protected]. Thank you!

Speaking of “Pulse of the Frontier,” it comes out this week! We should have early scans of the set in a few days, and of course translations thanks to the always-reliable Bangiras.

Oh, and the only reason all of this got held up lately was because of those stupid news stories from 2003-2007 I was trying to add to the site. I was able to get all the way to mid-2006 (spare the stories that we lost during April of last year), so those will be up tomorrow too. I’ll add the rest… eventually. The coding is so radically different as I go further into the past, so the older a story is, the more time it takes to update the code.