Platinum Poster Box Features DP44, Magnezone

A new “Platinum Poster Box” is now available exclusively at Best Buy for $9.99. It comes with two Platinum and two POP 8 booster packs as well as a Platinum set poster featuring images of all of the cards in the set. The featured promo card is DP44, a holo Magnezone, which originates from the 11th Movie Commemoration Set from Japan.

Oddly, DP41, DP42, and DP43 were skipped. Shakespeare, who provided the images below, checked Target, Wal-Mart, and K-Mart to see if perhaps they had the package with different promos but they did not. So it seems the missing promos will be released through other means.

Click the thumbnails below for larger images of the packaging and promo.

Platinum Poster Box Magnezone Diamond and Pearl Promo (DP44)