Redshark 3.02

“All system” still down. This move is taking waaaaay longer than I thought it would. And it’s not even anything that big. Grrrrrr!! *kicks website*

Redshark has been updated to a new version to fix the glitches in the latest release, which was caused by the addition of a ton of new code. If you are a Windows user, right click and save this link to download the program; Macintosh users save this link.

Giratina and the Sky Warrior airs tonight on Cartoon Network at 7 PM. The original date we reported, Sunday (at the same time), is actually an encore presentation. I’m going to be watching the movie the first time it airs (since my dorm television is set to the East Coast), so I’m going to report on the movie as it airs for any dub changes or interesting notes. Remember, Shaymin is also being given out at Toys R Us starting this week, so go get it when you can!