Johto Starters in Arceus Movie – New CoroCoro Scans

And yet two more CoroCoro images! The pages reveal that the movie title has been updated with the Alpha Pokemon: “Arceus – To the Conquering of Space-Time.” More importantly, we now know Heatran will have an actual role in the movie as well as Chikorita, Totodile, and Cyndaquil. I wonder if the Johto starters and the “Pokemon game” mentioned on last night’s CoroCoro page have any sort of connection (if it’s not referring to the upcoming Mystery Dungeon game, that is)… possibly a strong hint of a Gold and Silver remake? A Johto-themed Mystery Dungeon game? Speculation, of course, but we’ll see! Why else would they stick four Gold and Silver Pokemon into the movie? It could be for “no reason,” but we all know the Pokemon anime is always an elaborate advertisement for the games.

Arceus in CoroCoro Scan Arceus in CoroCoro Scan