Ash’s Monferno and Staravia, Arceus Plush

Still working on the site! In the meantime, here’s more news.

Two Future Evo’s for Ash by Movie 12 – Heerosferret has informed us that at a Japanese convention, there was some 12th movie Pokemon merchandise featuring Ash… with Monferno and Staraptor. Other movie 12 merchandise from a month or so ago also featured Staraptor and Monferno, so it’s even more obvious now what’s going to happen to little Chimchar and Staravia. As Masamitsu Hidaka said during our interview, the writers always evolve Pokemon before some big event is going to happen. Maybe Ash and crew are going to the Battle Frontier and his Pokemon are evolving more than usual so he can compete. Not to mention Dawn’s Mamoswine.

Also, Heerosferret has decided that the best translation for the movie 12 title is “Arceus: Space-Time Conquered.” So that’s what we’re gong to call it from now on.

Arceus Plush – A new Arceus plush is going to be released soon in Japan. Click the thumbnail below for a larger image. The photo comes from Dengeki and thanks go to pkmncollectors for finding it.

Arceus Plush