“Pulse of the Frontier” Shinies and LV.X’s

I’m experiencing multiple crises in school right now concerning my future and current classes, so some terminal decisions may be made in a few days that will affect how often I update this website. Skewl makes me sad right now. :(

The next Japanese set, Pulse of the Frontier, will feature three shiny Pokemon like the two previous Platinum sets. They are Yanma, Milotic, and Relicanth. This is the first time the Platinum block has had a shiny Pokemon as an Evolution, so we do not know how it will be handled. (Will a non-shiny Feebas evolve into shiny Milotic? Will Milotic be a Pokemon-SP and not evolve from anything?)

In terms of LV.X’s, the “Garchomp vs. Charizard” theme deck will feature Garchomp C LV.X and Charizard G LV.X, the “C” referring to “Champion” Cynthia and the “G” referring to Team “Galactic” (as in previous sets). Both Pokemon will be Pokemon-SP, meaning they are Basic and owned. It appears that Cynthia will be facing Team Galactic in the TCG for the final showdown… her Garchomp versus their Charizard! Now we will have Pokemon G (Galactic), Pokemon GL (Gym Leader), Pokemon 4 (Elite Four), and Pokemon C (Champion). Will there be any new trainer-owned Pokemon introduced in this set, like Frontier Brain-owned Pokemon? We’ll find out soon!