This Upcoming Week… and the Future!

Don’t forget that the Darkrai event can be unlocked on Japanese copies of Pokemon Platinum starting tomorrow!

This week, I’m not going to have time to update as much because of finals. This is going to be my “study week,” while the beginning of next week is when my actual finals take place.

However, considering that the Rotom episode and Darkrai vs. Cresselia episode are going to air this week, Heerosferret and I are going to stay up late and post summaries of the episodes. Following the episodes are a preview / trailer of the 12th Pokemon movie, which Heerosferret is going to record and immediately send to me to post. So, Thursday morning (2:30 AM California time) there will for sure be updates regarding at least the animé.

I’m going to make sure we cover every story regarding the 12th movie as we did with the previous few movies. Why? Because I am going to Japan during the month of July through a “travel study” program at my school, and I’m going to meet up with Heerosferret to watch the 12th movie on its first showing (accompanied by some of my friends who are also going)! Yep… I’m goin’ to Japan… to see Pokemon (and to study I guess)! :D