Strategists Wanted!

Are you always winning official TCG tournaments? Do you know the Pokemon Trading Card game inside-and-out? Do you like to help other people learn the game?

If all of the above describes you, you should consider joining our PokeBeach Strategist program! Under the program, you will be helping to write content only a current Pokemon TCG can write, such as deck and archetype analyses, card reviews, and strategy articles. If you are successful, your work and name will be recognized on the main page!

To find out how to qualify and where to send your application, please read this forum thread. While we love everyone (awww), please ONLY apply if you have won tournaments consistently as of late, as we do not want to read through hundreds and hundreds of applications. Please also only apply if you can devote a couple of hours a week to writing in this program. We don’t want people who are qualified to join and then do nothing. Thank you!