Second PokeBeach Podcast… The Lost Episode!

*kicks website* The stupid news program does not want to cooperate. I have to save the news literally hundreds of times before it will actually save anything! Grrrrr! Also, school was keeping me busy these past few days, which is why there was a delay in updates. School comes before Pokemon!

This isn’t really a “lost” episode… more like a “this episode took hours and hours to record and I never had time to edit it because of its incredible length.” Luckily, it is now only an hour and thirteen minutes (before, it was over three hours). Click the play button below to listen to it! You can also download the MP3 of the episode by saving this link (it’s 70 MBs).

The episode was recorded the weekend before the first set of prereleases for Stormfront… whenever that was. There is obviously some outdated information and speculation in the podcast, like how Ash and crew will get to Canalave City, but at least you get to see how some of our theories came true! (I randomly said we would see Cresselia in the show, and that turned out right! :D) I cut-out all TCG talk in the podcast, since it’s all incredibly old news now.

In this second podcast episode, I am joined by Heerosferret, Homeofmew, and Cheetor586. This is what we discuss or what happens…

  • 2:00 minutes of messed-up intros
  • How people hide or show they love Pokemon
  • Mispronounced Pokemon names
  • Arceus movie speculation
  • Theories about Ash and Crew getting to Canalave City
  • General anime stuff
  • Video Game Showdowns and cheating
  • Mailbox questions for the cast (Heerosferret living in Japan, Homeofmew and her Pikachu costume, Cheetor586 and Pokemon ripoffs like Digimon and Monster Ranchers which lead to Chinese legends which lead to the Johto dogs which lead back to Digimon somehow which lead back to Chinese legends which lead to Inuyasha which lead to Chinese legends which lead to random anime shows, WPM and tooth/blindness/amnesia incident)