DP108 Episode Title

The title of the 108th Diamond and Pearl episode was revealed a few days ago: Canalave Gym Match! Steel Battle!! The episode will air on Christmas Day in Japan, pushing back “Riley and Lucario!” which was originally reported to be airing that day. So much for the whole Riolu present theory! :p

  • 11/27 – Confirmed Break
  • 12/04 – DP104: Cresselia vs. Darkrai! / DP105: The Old Chateau and Rotom!
  • 12/11 – DP106: The Way to Befriend a Pokemon
  • 12/18 – DP107: Rampardos vs. Bastiodon
  • 12/25 – DP108: Canalave Gym Match! Steel Battle!!
  • 01/08 – DP109: Riley and Lucario!
  • 01/15 – DP110: The Historic Ruins of Iron Island!