DP105 & 106 Feature Byron, Air Date for Riley Episode

According to Kazuki Yao, a famous Japanese voice actor, he will be providing the voice for Gym Leader Byron in both DP105 and DP106. His blog states that both episodes will air on December 4th together. These two episodes may revolve around Ash trying to earn his Mine Badge. The episodes follow DP103, “Chaotic Melee in Canalave City!” which airs on November 20th.

As we reported the other day, DP108 would be named “Riley and Lucario” according to Yuu Mizushima, the voice actor of Riley in the episode. Following the voice actor’s original post, he confirmed on his blog that the Riley episode will air on Christmas Day. What happens on Christmas involving presents? What sort of present does Riley give you in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum? Will Ash and crew receive a special Riolu present on Christmas Day? We’ll seeeee…

Thanks go to Heeroesferret for personally discovering the above information concerning Byron’s voice actor and the air date for the Riley episode.

  • 11/06 – DP101: Rival Trainer Jun Appears!
  • 11/13 – DP102: Hearthome Gym! Vs. Fantina!
  • 11/20 – DP103: Chaotic Melee in Canalave City!
  • 11/27 – DP104: Cresselia vs. Darkrai!
  • 12/04 – DP105 & 106: Byron episodes
  • 12/11 – DP107: Unknown episode
  • 12/18 – (Break?)
  • 12/25 – DP108: Riley and Lucario!