DP101: ‘Rival Trainer Jun Appears!’ Summary

Heerosferret has just finished watching DP101: “Rival Trainer Jun Appears!” Her episode summary is below:

Ash runs up to Fantina’s Gym yelling for a battle, but is smacked by the door and bowled over by a blond boy who rushes out yelling about what a hurry and rush he’s in. As he runs away Ash notices he dropped his badge case, which contains three badges (Byron’s, Gardenia’s, and an unknown badge). Fantina comes out and tells Ash he will have to wait until tomorrow to battle, and that she just beat the previous challenger, who was a “very very energetic boy!”. She points out that it’s his badge case as well.

Ash bumps into the boy again, and they all recognize each other from battles which aired on TV. The boy is Jun, Dawn realizes, who she saw in a battle, and Jun recalls Ash’s double battle with Paul. He goes on and on as though Paul is truly the best trainer ever, really depressing Ash. Then he takes it a step too far and says Ash probably wishes to be just like Paul. They discuss the difference between getting strong quickly (like Jun with all his fully evolved Pokemon but only 3 badges) and getting strong slowly together (Ash with his half evolved team and 4 badges). Jun also makes a crack about how its natural that Ash would lose to someone as amazing as Paul. The two end up in a battle, and Ash sends out Chimchar. However, Jun realizes all his Poke Balls were left at a (not sure how to properly translate this) “Pokemon Babysitting” Center.

They go to the place, which is just a stand set up by Team Rocket where people are leaving their Pokemon. Jun rushes up and asks for his Pokemon back. Team Rocket basically says, “No, they are ours now,” but nobody notices because James covers Jessie’s big mouth at the end of the phrase. Fantina comes up and says how strange it is for this stand to be here, and that she’s never seen it before. Now panicking, Jun yells for his Pokemon again, but the stand collapses and Team Rocket pops out and does their motto, though Jun interrupts it. They start to argue, but when James learns Jun has recently battled Gardenia’s Drain Punch Cacnea, he asks how it is doing and nearly starts to cry, pawing at the boy’s chest and arms and whimpering over the memories of his Cacnea (while Jun looks horrified). Eventually he stops this, they battle, and Team Rocket is blasted off, yelling that it’s unfair for a Gym Leader to help the twerps.

After that, Ash and Jun battle. First up is Chimchar versus Staraptor, and Chimchar manages to roast the hawk. Then Jun sends out Roserade, which takes out Chimchar. Ash uses Gliscor against it, and both knock out each other at the same time. Finally its Pikachu versus Empoleon. Both use Steel attacks at first (Iron Tail and Steel Wing (?)), before Ash finally takes it out with a few Thunderbolts. Jun is shocked, but vows to get stronger, and Ash invites him to watch when he beats Fantina, “which you couldn’t manage to do!” (oh, smackdown!). Jun says “I’m really busy…” The episode ends with Ash waiting in the Gym for Fantina to come out. Gosh, will he finally beat her after 5 months of waiting around for her? We’ll see!

The preview for next week’s episode, “Hearthome Gym! Vs. Fantina!” shows Ash’s Chimchar shooting fire, Fantina’s Gengar vs. Ash’s Buizel, Fantina shocked about something, Pikachu and Chimchar fighting Drifblim, Fantina’s Mismagius, and Jun, Brock, and Dawn watching the Gym battle.