11/16 ‘Pokemon Sunday’ Summary

This week’s Pokemon Sunday episode revealed how Ash and crew get to Canalave City and a possible future Lucario card. For those of you who do not know, Pokemon Sunday is a live-action variety show featuring an episode of the anime and the adventures of the Pokemon Sunday Company (Pokesun Company), usually related to what’s hot in Pokemon right now. It usually concludes with a battle using DSes or Battle Revolution, sometimes with members of the audience. Heerosferret has provided a summary of the episode below.

Department Head Lucario (a guy in a Lucario suit who the show plays off as a real Lucario) was admiring Lucario TCG cards, but was looking sad because they all could use Aura moves. The rest of the Pokemon Sunday crew discovers he can’t use Aura abilities like a real Lucario can, so Lucario becomes depressed. They all decide to help him learn it, and ROBERT (codename for three guys in the company who are on each week’s show) use training techniques from the Lucario movie to show Lucario how to use Aura. For example, Lucario puts a blindfold on and tries to avoid getting hit by ROBERT, while also blasting them into the wall. Then Shoko-tan (a girl in the company) tries, and keeps hitting Lucario. She does not get blasted away either. They all realize that ROBERT was faking it to make Lucario feel better. The President of the company then lectures everyone and the audience on how it is your heart that’s important, not what moves you can use (the words “SOAP OPERA” flashed along the bottom of the screen, making fun of it as a cheesy moment).

Lucario decides it wants a TCG card made after himself, so the group goes to Pokemon Card Laboratory’s main building to beg for a card. A man there in a lab coat says he can’t help, because first of all, PCL doesn’t make cards, only researches them, and secondly, Lucario can’t use Aura, so it can’t be made into a card. They can only make cards with moves a Pokemon can use. So they went out to discover what moves Lucario could use in a series of tasks, then went to the company that prints the cards to beg for a card. A representative told them no way could they just make a TCG card because they were begging, but Pokemon Sunday tells the company how it is their Lucario’s dream, and how hard he has worked! The worker gives in and says they will make Lucario into a card! And then they said “and you can use this card in play too….. MAYBE?!??!” We’ll see if a new Lucario card is coming out, I guess.

The preview for next week’s episode shows Ash and company flying in a blimp to Canalave City, which from a bird’s eye view looks like many pieces of land, some joined by bridges. And as we previously knew, a trap by Team Rocket (involving nets shooting out of a camera) separates Pokemon from trainers, and Meowth seemingly back-stabs Team Rocket.