DPt2: ‘Bonds to the End of Time’

The name is Bond… James Bond. I would have posted this story this morning, but we couldn’t decide on the set’s name translation.

The next Japanese set is named DPt2: Bonds to the End of Time (let’s abbreviate it as BET). Other than its name, all we know about the actual set is that SP-Pokemon will make a return from the previous DPt set (three classic reprints and shiny Pokemon aren’t confirmed yet, but will probably make it into the set). Its theme deck is “DPt Starter Pack SP: Infernape VS. Gallade,” obviously featuring the two Pokemon in 30-card half decks. The set will be released two and a half months after Galactic’s Conquest on December 26th, making it a faster release than usual. We’ll bring you more information on this set when we hear more!

Small note. Infernape and Gallade both belong to members of the Elite Four. SP-Pokemon aren’t necessarily tied to Team Galactic, so maybe we will get some Elite Four Pokemon (like maybe Infernape E4 or Gallade E4)? A random theory, but we’ll see…

Thanks go to Bangiras, Heerosferret, and Deep_Throat for the translations and heads up!