DP 101, 102, 103 Episode Titles

Fantina, the Hearthome City Gym LeaderJun, the Diamond, Pearl, Platinum rival

According to PokeAni, the Japanese titles for DP 101, 102, and 103 are…

  • Rival Trainer Jun Appears! (November 6th)
  • Hearthome Gym! Vs. Fantina!! (November 13th)
  • Chaotic Melee in Canalave City! (November 20th)

Jun is the blond rival in Diamond and Pearl (he’s named after Jun’ichi Masuda).

Isn’t it odd that immediately after the Hearthome Gym Battle, Ash and crew will already be in Canalave City? It would be way too quick to battle Byron a couple of episodes after battling Fantina, so perhaps Ash is going to Iron Island, the Canalave Library for some Sinnoh-region legends, or maybe (less likely) Fullmoon Island. I wonder how they are going to even get from Hearthome to Canalave so quickly in the first place? Maybe via teleportation?