Promo Mewtwo LV.X and Rhyperior LV.X Scans

If you are bored right now, turn to Cartoon Network for a Pokemon marathon that has been going on all day!

The new Mewtwo LV.X and Rhyperior LV.X tins are now available at Target, each costing $14.99 and coming with one booster pack of Legends Awakened, Secret Wonders, Diamond and Pearl, and EX Power Keepers. Both Mewtwo and Rhyperior feature English-exclusive artwork not found in Japan (at least not yet). Click the thumbnails below for larger scans of the two promos. Thanks go to menoknow3 from eBay for scanning them for us!

Mewtwo LV.X (DP28 Promo) Rhyperior LV.X (DP29 Promo)