‘Galactic’s Conquest’ Set List, Theme Deck Lists, Info

Have to memorize 15 Japanese letters, read for Psychology, and go to bed two hours ago…

The official Japanese Pokemon Card website has released the set list and theme deck lists for Galactic’s Conquest. Check out our full-blown page with all of the translated information by clicking here.

There is a lot of new information today, and all of it is posted in the “Info” section on the top of the page (such as the reprinted classic Pokemon in the set, shiny Pokemon, etc.). There is one new card translation, which is at the top of the translation section. We have also posted the Battle Road promos and store promos Japanese players will receive, since the cards are themed after this set. (By the way, the Garchomp line promos we posted the other day and the shiny Milotic are not going to be given out at Japan’s Battle Roads, but their equivalent of our States; sorry for the error). Be sure to read the entire page if you want to know everything about the set!