Fossil Quiz

Epic, epic fail! The quiz question for this past week was, “Which of the following Pokemon originates from a fossil (in light of all franchises)?” A whopping 51% of the voters answered Relicanth… since when in the games do you take a Relicanth fossil to get revived? Relicanth, like its real-life counterpart the Coelacanth, is a living fossil; a fish that has not changed much in the millions of years it has swum the Earth’s oceans. The Coelacanth was thought to be long extinct until 1938 when one was found off the coast of South Africa.

The answer to the question was Mewtwo. In Mewtwo Strikes Back, the New Island scientists took a fossilized remnant of a Mew’s eyebrow to create a genetically stronger Pokemon. In the video games, the story of Mewtwo’s origin is quite different, as explained in last week’s poll. It’s a shame Pokemon can never get anything straight across all of its franchises.

This quiz should be the absolute easiest out of the past five. If the majority of you fail, I will blow up planet Earth… I am completely serious. 4-0 WPM. Get yo’ game on, voters! You have an F in Pokemon trivia!