Worlds 2008 Website Up; Special Lucario Distribution and Special Signings!

A full-blown Worlds 2008 website is now open. Before there was a “mini site” up, but they have now expanded it into a larger website. The website will update with pairings and photos of both the Video Game Showdown and Worlds TCG Championship on each day of the events.

According to the event schedule, a special Lucario distribution will take place at Worlds on Sunday. Lucario will probably be marked with the event’s name, just as Pikachu was last year for Worlds 2007 in Hawaii. Legends Awakened prereleases will also occur on Sunday, just as with every Worlds in the past and the latest set.

Special guest signings at Worlds include Junichi Masuda (Games, D/P Director), Shigeki Morimoto (D/P Battle Director), Tsunekaz Ishihara (TCG, Games, Anime, Creatures Inc., Pokemon Company), and Takumi Akabane (Creative Director of the TCG).Check the website’s event schedule for when the signings take place.