Next Japanese TCG Set: ‘Galactic’s Conquest;’ New ‘Entry Pack DPt’

The next Japanese set will be named: DPt: Galactic’s Conquest. “DPt” presumably means “Diamond, Pearl, PlaTinum.” It is the suffix that will appear before future sets, like with the “DP” before Diamond and Pearl sets. The set will be released October 10th in Japan, in conjunction with a new entry pack named “Entry Pack DPt.”

Galactic’s Conquest will feature five Level Xs, one being Giratina Origin Forme. Other known Pokemon in the set are Giratina Another Forme (the regular Giratina) and Shaymin Sky Forme.

Thirteen Pokemon will be appear in the set called “Special Pokemon” (shortened to “SP-Pokemon”). All thirteen of them will be marked with an “SP” and have an owner in their name. Each are Basic Pokemon as well. Two of them will be LV.Xs in the set.

There is a possibility these new “special Pokemon” could be the silhouetted Pokemon from the other day, since this set is based off Pokemon Platinum after all. Pokemon with owners in their name are often Pokemon of future generations, and are always Basic Pokemon (like Aura’s Lucario ex, which was a Basic Lucario card released before the 4th generation was out). They could even be something like “Reverse World’s ______,” if those silhouetted Pokemon do indeed live in the Reverse World. Why am I not saying the obvious, like they are “Team Galactic’s ______?” If there were owner Pokemon within the set with Galactic in their name, we would know that right away, and plus it would be a little pointless to have only thirteen of them (but watch, I’ll be proven wrong). Additional evidence pointing to the silhouetted Pokemon is the fact that the cards are labeled “special,” in addition to the fact that they are ALL basic Pokemon. Why would they be labeled “special” if there wasn’t something “special” about them? The only “special” Pokemon that we know are in Platinum are those silhouetted Pokemon. But, I may just be reading into this information too heavily, considering the new Pokemon we are expecting soon. “Pokemon SP” could simply be a new type of game mechanic on Pokemon cards totally unrelated to new Pokemon. More information should be released soon!

The Japanese set will, once again, feature reprinted cards from old sets, though we are not sure if they come from Base Set specifically this time.

“Entry Pack DPt” features three 30-card half decks, each coming with two holos. The holos are Giratina, Dialga, Palkia, Torterra, Empoleon, and Infernape. Every card in the entry pack is brand new, though there will probably be reprints like Potion and whatnot. The entry pack will probably be combined with a future set when it is released in America.

And so we finally get our Team Galactic set, as well as a new entry pack. I wonder when this set and Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky (IFDS) will be released in America. This set is based off Pokemon Platinum, while IFDS is based off the Shaymin movie. Both the Shaymin movie and Platinum should come out in America in Spring, 2009 – around the same time period. In the past, sets based off new Pokemon video games always coincide with those games’ releases, and the same applies to Pokemon movies and sets based off them. Perhaps we will get IFDS for our November set, but stripped of all 11th movie Pokemon like Shaymin LV.X, Dialga, Giratina, Regigigas LV.X, etc. Then they will put those Pokemon into our February set next year, which will be our Platinum set (like with EX Ruby and Sapphire, EX FireRed and LeafGreen, EX Emerald, and Diamond and Pearl). That way, the February English set will feature Pokemon from the movie and the video games, killing two Pidgey with one stone (if the movie and game are both coming out in America then, that is).

They could also give us the Galactic set first, the IFDS set second, and switch around the LV.Xs like this…

  • November set: Heatran, Dusknoir, Raichu, Machamp, Regigigas, Drapion
  • February set: Giratina Another Forme, Shaymin, the other four Galactic LV.Xs that we don’t know about yet