More ‘Legends Awakened’ Scans, More Tomorrow

I’ve editing 18 more Legends Awakened scans, and will continue to post them each day until we run out. Click the thumbnails below for larger scans, and use your left and right arrow keys to scroll through them like a slide show. You can also access all the scans we have in our Legends Awakened set list. If the list does not have new links to the scans below, clear out your cache or refresh the page a few times.

The TCG is using “Forme” now: Deoxys Attack Forme, Defense Forme, and Speed Forme. Castform, however, only has “Form”: Castform Rain Form, Snow-Cloud Form, and Sunny Form. “Forme” seems to be for Pokemon in the video games that can change to a different form, stay changed, and have their own unique stats. “Form” is for Pokemon who change depending on the situation (like when the weather changes, in the case of Castform), but whose stats do not change.

Mesprit LV.X’s “God Blast” attack name has changed, as many people predicted would happen. It is called “Supreme Blast” on the English card. Pokemon USA, or whoever decides on attack names for the cards, probably did not want any controversy with the card’s attack name. I personally thought “Pixie Powa!” would have been a better name, but oh well.

Remember, prereleases take place next weekend, the weekend after, AND the weekend after. You do not want to miss out on this set’s prerelease, especially since this set and the next set (Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky, though a few cards like Shaymin LV.X will probably be saved for the set after) are the best ones we’ve had in a while. If you are inexperienced with the card game, prereleases are an excellent place to get started. You can read the FAQ for prereleases on the official TCG website to learn more or find a location near you to participate in one (or several!).

 Rayquaza from Legends Awakened (#14) Spiritomb from Legends Awakened (#16) Yanmega from Legends Awakened (#17) Deoxys Attack Forme from Legends Awakened (#24) Deoxys Defense Forme from Legends Awakened (#25) Deoxys Speed Forme from Legends Awakened (#26) Ditto from Legends Awakened (#27) Jirachi from Legends Awakened (#31) Shedinja from Legends Awakened (#40) Castform from Legends Awakened (#48) Castform Rain Form from Legends Awakened (#49) Castform Snow-Cloud Form from Legends Awakened (#50) Castform Sunny Form from Legends Awakened (#51) Buck's Training from Legends Awakened (#130) Energy Pickup from Legends Awakened (#132) Poke Radar from Legends Awakened (#133) Snowpoint Temple from Legends Awakened (#134) Mesprit LV.X from Legends Awakened (#143)