Holo Supporter Cards in ‘DP Collection Gift Pack’

This is going to make every TCG player jump for joy, especially those of you who love to fill your decks with holo and reverse holo cards, or those of you who are having trouble finding vital Supporter cards for next season’s decks.

A new “Diamond and Pearl Collection Gift Pack” is now available at Target. It comes with a holo Cynthia’s Feelings, Bebe’s Search, and Professor Rowan, as well as a holo POP 6 Chimchar, Turtwig, and Piplup (the latter three have already been released as holos before). The package features one booster pack of each Diamond and Pearl set released thus far, including Legends Awakened. What’s the price? $24.99, which is a pretty good deal for a package that comes with six holos, six booster packs, and three coins. Since Bebe and Cynthia will be staples in decks during this upcoming format and are a bit difficult to obtain, this collection pack will definitely help players out!

Click the thumbnails of the scans below for larger images. Thanks go to eBay member uwwwarhawk1209 for the scans and information, and Bangiras for originally finding her auctions!

Cynthia's Feelings Holo Bebe's Search Holo Professor Rowan Holo Diamond and Pearl Collection Pack