High-Quality CoroCoro Platinum Scans – Many New Tid-Bits!

I was too busy yesterday to post the new Platinum CoroCoro scans that were released, so I decided to wait for higher quality scans to crop up as my excuse for holding off on the update. And now they have! All translations and information comes from Bangiras. The high-quality scans originate from from the Pokemon Platinum thread on 2ch, which we are constantly monitoring for updates. Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Pokemon Platinum CoroCoro Scans Pokemon Platinum CoroCoro Scans Pokemon Platinum CoroCoro Scans Pokemon Platinum CoroCoro Scans Pokemon Platinum CoroCoro Scans

The second and third pages (the first scan) contain no new information. Shaymin Sky Forme can learn Air Slash, Leaf Storm, and Quick Attack, and you receive the Glacidia Flower to transform Shaymin into Shaymin Sky Forme from Floraroma Town.

The fourth and fifth pages (the second scan) show differences to the opening plot of the game. In Diamond and Pearl, you discover Professor Rowan has left his suitcase at Lake Verity, are attacked by Starly, and then return his suitcase. In Platinum, it seems this plot is removed or altered, since Professor Rowan is now shown as saying, “Open the briefcase and pick the Pokemon you like!” You battle your rival immediately after as well. Later, Cyrus appears in front of you and your rival at Lake Verity’s shore, simply saying, “Excuse me, please let me through.” Such a polite super villain! The screenshots featured on the pages also show that Twinleaf Town is affected by the colder climate, since snow is now on the ground.

We already covered pages six and seven on August 7th. It shows the remodeling of Eterna City’s Gym and another Gym, and shows the detective code-named “Handsome” who is out hunting Team Galactic. His real name is unknown, and he specializes in disguises. He is even known to spy by pretending to be an enemy. He first officially introduces himself in front of Jubilife City’s Pokemon Center.

On page eight, the first game screenshot shows the protagonist reading a sign on a building that displays, “Battle Tower – Don’t lose! Try your best to win continuously!” Thus, the Battle Tower returns in Platinum. It’s features appear to be the same as in Diamond and Pearl, where you earn Battle Points by competing in seven three-on-three Pokemon battles. Page nine features the return of Emerald‘s Battle Factory, where you use three random Pokemon to fight with, and then one of your opponent’s Pokemon if you win. Both facilities are within the Battle Frontier.

Page 10 talks about Wi-Fi features. 1.) If you register your e-mail address in Platinum, you will receive an e-mail notification when a trade is completed through the Global Trade Station. 2.) The videos you make with the Battle Recorder over Wi-Fi can be ranked somehow, in a feature called “Battle Video Ranking.” The feature probably allows your friends and other players to rank your videos for the whole world to see. The magazine says you can check for popular videos and get your own videos ranked, so it is probably something like YouTube on your DS for Pokemon battles, with the most popular videos shown to players. 3.) A new feature in the game is called “Box Shot,” where you can take pictures of your PC boxes and send them to your friends. In the scan, a box of Jigglypuff in a heart-shape pattern is shown as an example. 4.) At least five mini-games can be played over Wi-Fi. There’s Swalot feeding, rolling Mime Jr. on a ball, and inflating a Wobbuffet balloon. Two more mini-games will be revealed soon.

The last page featuring the silhouettes contains some very interesting hints. The red text says, “Do there exist Pokemon that are making their first appearance in Platinum? We’ve obtained 5 silhouettes! Where could they possibly be encountered?” As we posted in the “Visual Translation of Pokemon Ad; Item Distribution?” story the other day, perhaps these new Pokemon exclusively exist in the Torn World, and the “tools” distributed between September 28th and November 4th allow you to see them, like a Silph Scope with Ghost Pokemon. “Where could they possibly be encountered?” seems to be pointing in that direction, at least. But who knows for sure? We’ll find out September 13th, the game’s release date!