April to August News Archives Up

Sorry for the lack of updates (actually, I’m not, but it’s cliché to start out posts like that). Our house is undergoing major landscaping, so I’ve been helping out. I’ve also been practicing driving every chance I get since I just got my license, so that’s been keeping me away from the computer as well (which I don’t mind at all!).

Now that I have figured out how to put news from this system into archives… the News Archives are now up, though they only span back to this past April. As many of you know, this site suffered a major deletion back on April 1st (which is why no links work), so recovering and salvaging all of the news before that period is going to take some more time. Older news stories from around 2003 to 2005 are on my backup CDs, but I still need to convert and upload them.

In other site news, a project we have been working on may come to this site within the next few months – hopefully in September, but I don’t know when for sure. I’m pretty bad when it comes to promising when something will go up, so we’ll see! It’s not too large of a project, but it will make a lot of people’s lives easier, as it did in the past (HINT HINT).