Worlds 2009 on the West Coast

The official Japanese Pokemon website has revealed that the Worlds 2009 Championships will be held on the West Coast of the United States. On the page linked to above, there is a pyramid that shows how Japanese players can make it to Worlds:

  • 1st stage: Preliminary held in 47 prefectures nationwide
  • 2nd stage: Area preliminary held in 6 locations
  • Final stage: The Japan delegate selection battle conference
  • World Championships 2009 (America’s West coast)

So, it says “America’s West Coast.” Could it be California like it has always been? Maybe San Diego, or Anaheim, or Palm Springs (my wish)? Who knows?! We will find out where Worlds 2009 is when Worlds 2008 takes place this August.

The page also states that Worlds 2009 will have both the card game and Pokemon Platinum present, meaning it will probably be like this year’s Worlds where it is both a video game tournament and TCG tournament.

Speaking of Worlds 2008, the official Organized Play website is now up for it. When the tournament begins, the website will update with player rosters and who is winning after each round (for both the video game and TCG rounds).