Secret Projects, Lack of Updates =Many Reasons

What’s with the lack of updates?!

For one, I have been working on a super secret super secret super pooper scooper secret project for the site. Well, actually, I’ve been working on two projects! One for the past two years, one for the past two weeks. When will both projects grace this site? Pffft, probably never. But we’ll see! I know that when both eventually go up, I will be using my own site much more often as a Pokemon fan!

Secondly, I haven’t updated because my internet was down most of last week, so I was forced to use my neighbor’s extremely slow connection. It wasn’t very motivating to try to post an update when it took fifteen minutes just to load a few pages. The Verizon DSL repair man finally came today to fix the connection, and not even two minutes after he drives away, a massive 5.4 earthquake hits Southern California and knocks out our house’s DSL again (it broke my T.V. too, since I was dusting it and it was on the edge of its stand). Now it’ll probably take another week to get him to come down here again. The earthquake also blew up part of our city’s power plant, creating an awesome fire that you could see no matter where you were in the city. The earthquake was definitely fun! Thank God no one died or was hurt. The Earth should have death-free earthquakes more often.

Thirdly, there really is no Pokemon news. The Japanese TCG set just came out, so we won’t have any Japanese TCG news for a while. The English TCG is preparing for Worlds and the next set (Legends Awakened), so no news is in sight other than prerelease scans next week (possibly even Sunday – we’ll see!). There probably won’t be any Platinum news until next month as well, so nothing on the gaming front either. The anime just had its movie, so unless CoroCoro reveals a small teaser spoiler for the 12th movie in its next issue, there won’t be anything anime-related for a while.

Other than the two site projects, I am going to start adding actual content to the site and rebuilding the pages that were deleted in May/April. Yeah, I think we’re five years overdue for content. Instead of sticking everything into news updates, I’ll put them on to actual pages, and will also go out of my way to make pages. Tomorrow, I plan on having something up. But don’t count on it. I’m not very reliable with getting things done on time. But we’ll see!