‘Legends Awakened’ Heatran and Prerelease Promo Buck’s Training!

Heatran from Legends Awakened has been revealed! This is the first English card we have seen from the set. One will probably be revealed every week until the first of the prereleases take place in a month. Click the thumbnail below for a much larger image of Heatran.

In addition to Heatran, the official POP website revealed that the prerelease promo will be Buck’s Training. Prereleases will take place August 9th-10th, 16th-17th, and 23rd-24th, which is when you can receive the card. You can find out more information about the prereleases by visiting the official Organized Play website.

This set will feature 146 cards, and will consist of cards from Japan’s DP5: Temple of Anger / Cry from the Mysterious set. Better start studying those cards if you want an advantage over everyone else!

Heatran from Legends Awakened (#30)