“Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky” Card Scans / Translations, Return of Charizard

Update (10:10 PM): Bangiras has translated most of the cards. They can be found on our Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky page. She was too sleepy to finish the rest, so she went to bed. I am too sleepy to fix some of the broken scans and links, so I am going to bed too. The completed page with all the translations and scans will be up later today (when we wake up, I guess). Here are some notable combos and cards…

Shaymin LV.X + Leafeon LV.X + Scepile IFDS + Sceptile GE
Empoleon MD + Bronzong IFDS
Kingdra LA + Bronzong IFDS
Feraligatr MT + Bronzong IFDS
Tyranitar IFDS + Weavile SW
Tyranitar IFDS + Togekiss GE + Darkrai LV.X
Lumineon IFDS + Cresselia LV.X
Regigigas LV.X + Regis
Steelix IFDS – good for a fun deck maybe :D
Other notable IFDS Pokemon: Gengar, Sableye, Drifblim, Salamence, Torterra, Infernape

Thanks to Toho (as usual), we have early scans of the next Japanese set – Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky! Excluding basic Energy, this set has 92 unique cards, of which we are missing only two scans. We also do not have the theme deck scans yet. Click the thumbnails below for larger scans. You can scroll through them like a slide show by using your right and left arrow keys. All cards are in alphabetical order.

The Base Set Charizard line makes a triumphant return to this set with re-done artwork by Mitsuhiro Arita, who also drew the originals. Charizard now has a Poke-Body instead of a Pokemon Power and its Fire Spin attack discards Energy instead of Energy cards. The card templates for the three Pokemon are not exactly the same as the original Base Set cards, but they do retain their gold borders.

As we reported a few months ago, shiny Pokemon would appear in this set. As of now, they include Duskull, one of the Voltorb, and one of the Drifloon. There is no mark on the shiny cards; they are just like regular Pokemon cards in every way, except they have different colors, just like in the DS games. They also appear to have some sort of holo treatment.

Bangiras told me to post this early because she thought it was funny. Look at how they are trying new things! I thought it was a fan-made card spoiler when I first saw it.

Mamoswine LV.56 – Fighting – HP140
Stage 2 – Evolves from Piloswine

[F][C][C] Wild Stab: Flip a coin until you get tails. If you’re happy with the result, do 30 damage x the number of heads. If not, ignore the first result, reflip, and place 2 damage counters on Mamoswine (if this would Knock Out Mamoswine, don’t place any damage counters and you can’t reflip). You can repeat this process any number of times.
[W][F][C][C] March Together: 60 damage. This attack does an additional 10 damage for each Swinub on your Bench, an additional 20 damage for each Piloswine on your Bench, and an additional 40 damage for each Mamoswine on your Bench.

Weakness: Grass (+30)
Resistance: Lightning (-20)
Retreat: 5

[Scans removed. Please check out our Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky page for them.]