New Platinum Information!

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New Pokemon Platinum information has been revealed through the latest CoroCoro, and all of it is summarized below. You can view the CoroCoro pages at the bottom of this news story, which you can click for larger scans. The game will be released on September 13th in Japan.


  • The Global Trade Station building is gone, replaced with the “Global Terminal” building (since you won’t only be trading now)
  • There is a new “Wi-Fi Club” where you can play new mini-games with up to 20 friends
  • One of the games involves a Swalot and berries, presumably to make Poffin
  • As revealed previously, you can play in the Underground with your friends over Wi-Fi
  • The basements of each Pokemon Center are completely revamped

Game Mechanics

  • A new feature is the “Battle Recorder,” which records your battles and broadcasts them around the world
  • There is a new “Battle Frontier” with many different areas, and it is located where the Fight Area in D/P was
  • Pokemon will have new battle sprites, as we mentioned in a previous news story
  • The back sprites of Pokemon will be animated


  • Giratina Origin Forme’s ability is Levitate
  • Giratina is only in its Origin Forme in the Reverse/Torn World, but there is a way of inducing its Origin Forme outside that is not known yet
  • Shaymin Sky Forme’s ability is Serene Grace
  • As we mentioned in a previous story, Shaymin will transform into its Sky Forme when exposed to the key item “Glacidia’s Flower”


  • Team Galactic is stronger and plays a larger role in the story
  • Cyrus summons/confronts Palkia and Dialga, and then apparently Giratina right after
  • An international police team is hunting Team Galactic (that detective guy from those first Platinum images is one of them)
  • Team Galactic has a new executive (the other old man from the first Platinum images)
Pokemon Platinum in CoroCoro Pokemon Platinum in CoroCoro Pokemon Platinum in CoroCoro