11th Movie Guide Up!

Heerosferret has written a movie guide for Giratina and the Icy Sky’s Bouquet: Shaymin! She saw the first public showing of the movie and took many notes so that she would remember most of its scenes. Enjoy, and please do not copy and paste it anywhere; link to it instead!

It would appear that the Diamond and Pearl movies are going to be a trilogy from what we learn at the end of the movie guide. Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai, Giratina and the Icy Sky Bouquet: Shaymin, and next year’s movie are all connected with an overall story. From the way this movie ends, it seems as if a Pokemon like Arceus could be featured in the next movie, stopping whatever fight occurs. However, we won’t know until several months from now. Perhaps the third movie will explain why there is so much fighting and why everyone can’t all just get along?

Heerosferret also wanted me to tell you all she will be writing a review of the movie (as in, opinion piece), and will have pictures as well. She’ll get that to me later today, so be sure to check back! She said it was one of the better movies – her friend was even crying at one point. It’s also the second longest out of all the movies, but she really thought it was good (and she does not enjoy most of the movies, so that’s saying something).

Notes about the movie: Infi did not turn out to be an android, she was just a computer representation (like the computer in the second movie, except Zero’s computer is also visual). Heerosferret doesn’t even think her name was mentioned. She played no role at all. Heerosferret thinks Regigigas’ role was small as well, “He just came out, pushed on the glacier, and left – no one even thanked him.”

To discuss the movie or if you have any questions, feel free to post in this thread on our forums!

The opening sequence features lots of Pokemon floating by as usual, a shot of all the Eeveelutions at a picnic, and a cool sequence with (main male character from RSE) and (main male character from DP) battling each other with Rhyperior and Magmortar.

A small green critter is walking through a lush forest. It’s Shaymin, going for a drink at a forest lake. As she drinks, on the other side of the small lake, a large figure approaches, also leaning down for a drink: It’s Dialga. Shaymin watches, a little cautious, but suddenly something springs out of the lake and begins to drag Dialga in! In the thrashing struggle that ensues, Shaymin is thrown around and ends up being dragged down into the lake, clinging tight to Dialga’s back spikes. But they’ve actually been dragged not into the water, but through a portal to another world, and it was Giratina who dragged them there.

As Giratina and Dialga battle, a rugged looking bearded man (Mugen) watches. He spots Shaymin, saying “It got caught in the middle…” Dialga tries over and over to get back through the portal, and over and over Giratina drags it back, biting its tail and pulling it back inside. The portal closes and Dialga is trapped, and the two continue to battle. Shaymin is thrown onto Giratina, then tossed onto the ground. Its flowers begin to suck up the all the dust and debris caused by the battle, and is thrown into the air again. It almost flies into Giratina’s open mouth, but suddenly glows bright and seemingly explodes. The explosion opens up a new portal to the real world, and Shaymin is sucked up into it. Dialga tries to fly through but is dragged back by Giratina yet again. It attacks and Giratina is forced to let go, and Dialga flies out free. Giratina tries again and again to get into the portal, but it sent back over and over.

Also watching this battle from a computer screen that is analyzing it (much like Mugen was) is a white haired man, Zero. He watches as Giratina drags Dialga inside and they battle, and his computer (which takes the form of a young girl, Infi) tells him each detail. At the end, it explains something Dialga did has prevented Giratina from escaping… and now Giratina is caught in a time loop that has trapped it in that world, the Reverse World. Zero rushes his ship to the scene, but is too late: the portal closed already and Dialga is gone.

Meanwhile, Ash and co. have started to have lunch nearby when they spot a dirty little Pokemon gobbling up all of their pancakes. Piplup tries to snag the pancakes from the dirty thing, and gets its flipper bitten. The critter tries to run as all the Pokemon seem furious at it, and it trips and falls into the BBQ grill, knocking it over. The charcoal smoke shoots all over it, but is quickly sucked up into its flowers. In its panic, it suddenly explodes.

After everyone gets over the mini explosion, Dawn takes the dirty thing and rinses it off, and they all wince as it shakes water into their faces, then complains that the water felt good, but was too cold. They are all surprised that the little creature can speak, using telepathy. It continues to complain… “And you could have washed me a little more gently!” They soon realize they are dealing with a real smart-mouth. The critter demands that they all go to the Flower Field, and when Ash asks where it is, it says “Over there!” Ash says “Where is ‘over there?’!” and gets angry, and the creature replies “Over there is over there! Its over there over there there over there…” and seemingly faints. They realize its sick and rush it to a Pokemon Center.

At the Center, Nurse Joy helps the creature feel better while explaining it’s the Gratitude Pokemon, Shaymin. She explains how it sucks up any sort of pollution into the flowers, and the explosion was an attack called Seed Flare, which is actually quite powerful. Shaymin whines more about wanting to go to the Great Flower Field, and then begins abusing Ash, asking why he can’t fly and generally annoying him. Shaymin keeps saying everyone needs to be grateful to it, and Ash asks what kind of Gratitude Pokemon only wants people to be thankful to it and never says thank you. He looks ready to smack it a few times, but Dawn likes Shaymin and thinks it’s cute and stops him. They agree to take it to the Flower Field. Team Rocket, who’s been listening in at the door, decides to follow, steal Shaymin, and present it to the boss (typical).

As they head outside, Shaymin jumps onto Ash’s head, jerking him around, saying “It’s this way! No, this way!” He looks ready to smack it again, so Dawn carries Shaymin in her arms. They pass some giant triangular sculptures on the lawn of the park, and Giratina’s reflection appears in them, seemingly chasing them. Suddenly Shaymin throws a fit and tries to run away, but is grabbed by Team Rocket as it jumps down. They yelp about claiming Shaymin, but are suddenly sucked into one of the reflective sculptures. Ash and Dawn rush after them, grabbing Shaymin, and also get sucked in, leaving a confused and scared Brock behind.

They’ve been sucked into the Reverse World! The world is full of floating bits of land and upside down, inside out buildings, and they also find their bodies to be very light. They hop-float along, and soon are attacked by Giratina, while Shaymin cries about how she’s going to be eaten. They run as Giratina attacks, and Pikachu and Piplup’s Thunderbolt and Bubble Beam can’t ward him off. Soon they meet Mugen, who helps them escape though one of the weird buildings while his Sheildon attacks Giratina. Once safely away from the giant, and on the other side of the building, their bodies become heavy again, causing Piplup to fall on its face. Mugen explains about the Reverse World – how it is a world attached and affected directly by the Real World. It takes on abnormal pollution from the Real World, which appears as a burst of purple poisonous clouds (as he speaks, the clouds can be seen bursting around them). He explains Giratina is the only Pokemon there, and he himself had come to research the place, and ended up staying five years because he loved it so much. Shaymin makes some smart-alec comments about Giratina wanting to eat her, and how everyone should be grateful to her, and Mugen recognizes her from the battle with Dialga.

At one point, they see Brock looking around worriedly for them, though a bubble floating nearby. As Ash reaches for the bubble, Mugen cries NO!, but Ash touches it. It bursts, and there is a small explosion near the real Brock, sending him flying (and making him more confused). Mugen explains that anything they do or touch in Reverse World will affect the Real World, and cause damage in most cases.

As he leads the kids to a place where they can return to the Real World, he tells them of the battle, and says not too long ago, two beings never intended to meet, did meet up in the Real World, and had an epic battle. Dawn and Ash immediately remembered the happenings in Alamos Town. Mugen goes on to explain that he himself saw the battle from Reverse World, and how Dialga and Palkia’s actions caused a horrible slew of poison and pollution to burst into Reverse World, clogging it up with filth. Giratina watched then battle and watched the pollution they caused in his world, and grew more and more furious, vowing from that day to get revenge. He’d hunted them ever since, finally catching Dialga and dragging him down, but Dialga escaped and Giratina had lost its ability to go between the Reverse World and Real World. During this explanation, Shaymin comments a few times on how much she hates Giratina’s guts, and also throws in how much everyone should be grateful to her.

Mugen helps the kids through a quickly vanishing portal, and Brock helps pull them out, begging for an explanation. Mugen gives a final warning to avoid reflective surfaces, now that Giratina is hunting them. After the portal closes, Team Rocket runs up crying “WAIT FOR US!”, while Mugen stares at their panic, totally amused.

As they walk and tell Brock of their mini adventure, above them, Zero is leaving his ship. Watching old videos of himself and his old mentor (which is obviously Mugen) happily exploring the newly entered Reverse World, he’s realized something about Shaymin (what, we don’t know), and has left to go do something about it. Suddenly the kids are surrounded by Magnemite and Magneton, and Zero flies down on what looks like a magnetized flying scooter, with his Magnezone behind him. He says he will now take Shaymin, but with the help of their Pokemon, the kids run away. Shaymin clings to Ash and tells him to run faster, and Ash asks why it always clings to him when they run away. Shaymin says she’d prefer it if Ash was also eaten. They manage to escape into a train last second. The train pulls away, and Ash wonders where it could be going.

Dawn and Shaymin sit in one of the cars and are instantly surrounded by people admiring how cute Shaymin is, and how sweet it is. Ash complains that its nasty and explodes at random, and Shaymin shoots back that it doesn’t do that to NICE people. Also it continues to make smart-alec comments about how everyone ought to be grateful to it. Ash looks ready to hit it while everyone laughs. They discuss how all the world’s Shaymin gather at the Flower Field, and one couple shows the bouquet of flowers they are taking to their 100 year old great grandmother. Dawn hands Shaymin to the wife, who gently cradles it. The bouquet looks just like Shaymin, who has sprouted some extra flowers in the wife’s arms, which it does when content. They explain that the flowers are Glacidia Flowers, and you give them to show thanks. Shaymin sniffs in some of the pollen, and suddenly begins to glow and change. It flies from the woman’s arms up onto the seat, and they see it has become Sky Forme, much to the kids’ surprise. As Shaymin gleefully flies around the cabin, the people explain how Shaymin becomes Sky Forme when it touches a Glacidia Flower.

The happy moment is short lived as the train is swarmed by Zero’s magnet army, including Magnezone. Instead of whining and crying, Shaymin takes them all on at once, and with help from the other Pokemon, they gain the upper hand. Shaymin takes down Magnezone on its own, and the magnets, and Zero, leave them alone for the time being.

The gang hops on a boat after their train adventure, heading out onto the open water, hopefully towards the Flower Field. Shaymin mentions how important it is for everyone to be grateful to her for saving them all, then gleefully flies all around, shooting high into the sky and doing lots of tricks. Piplup is jealous and tries to fly off the boat, flopping into the water instead and deciding to fly its own way, shooting out of the water and diving back in, like a dolphin. Ash watches them having fun and asks Pikachu if he’d like to fly too, so Pikachu, on Staravia’s back, gets to fly through the clouds with Shaymin.

Giratina is on the prowl, and attacks from a portal opened in the water’s reflective surface. Shaymin doesn’t cry or whine about being eaten, but goes to attack, and this time Ash, Dawn, and Brock all fall into the Reverse World. Shaymin battles Giratina fiercly, and Ash cheers it on, applauding how brave it is. Mugen rushes over, amused and annoyed, and tells the kids the Reverse World isn’t a place to come back to all the time. They also find that Team Rocket has become his little servants while stuck in the Reverse World with him. Night falls rather suddenly – and Shaymin, mid-air, returns to its Land Forme. Squealing and legs wiggling it falls, caught by Ash at the last second. It is crying and whining about being eaten again. Mugen explains Giratina is probably not trying to eat it, but wants Shaymin to somehow help it open up another Seed Flare portal so it can escape and get revenge on Dialga (and most likely Palkia as well). Giratina swoops down and seems to snatch Shaymin off Ash’s head up into its mouth, and they watch Giratina fly off with Shaymin crunched in its jaws. Then Shaymin crawls out from under Ash’s hat, which had fallen to the ground! The illusion in Giratina’s mouth vanishes and it screams in rage, coming back for more.

Zero has flown into the water-portal, along with his magnet army, and attacks suddenly and fiercely, capturing the real Shaymin using Magnemites, and holding everyone hostage, also with Magnemites. Zero deliberately forces one of the poison pollution clouds to surround the group, and they begin choking and suffering in the poisonous gas. As Zero had expected, all of it is sucked into Shaymin’s flowers. The Magnemites bring the crying and terrified Shaymin high into the air, holding it out like a sacrifice to an enraged Giratina. Giratina opens its mouth wide, and Shaymin screams that it will be eaten, unleashing a powerful Seed Flare explosion – just what Giratina (and Zero) had been waiting for! Everyone is sucked through the huge portal that was opened, and Zero laughs and proclaims that now Giratina is free, and Giratina slips through the portal as well, truly free of the time curse Dialga had placed on it.

On the other side, Giratina is glowing, turned into its “Another Forme,” with six legs. While everyone is still recovering, Shaymin suddenly becomes Sky Forme again – they look to see they are next to a huge field of Glacidia Flowers. They made it to their destination! As they rejoice, Giratina is suddenly hit by a red light and frozen, then sucked up towards Zero’s ship, which has flown from the clouds on auto-pilot. Giratina is entrapped inside a cage of red lasers, and they begin to obviously cause it great pain. As it cries out in suffering and writhes in pain, Mugen looks on with horrible guilt, explaining that it was he who invented the machine that is now torturing Giratina. Everyone is shocked, and Dawn asks how he could do such a thing. He explains that Zero was his student, and they worked together to find a way into the Reverse World, and invented this machine, which copies all of Giratina’s abilities – the one they mostly wanted, was its ability to enter and exit the Reverse World at will. But when Mugen realized that the machine would ultimately torture and then kill Giratina, he erased all the plans while Zero looked on in horror. Obviously after they parted, Zero redid everything and built the machine. He doesn’t care if Giratina dies – he wants to control the Reverse World, and rescue it from the pollution and damage the Real World inflicts on it. It is true that he speaks of Reverse World lovingly, calling it beautiful and in need of saving.

Giratina continues to writhe in pain, and Mugen swears he will stop it, as he believes this to be his fault. He hops onto Zero’s magnetized scooter (which Zero left behind, hopping onto his ship), and Ash and Dawn (and their Pokemon) join him. Shaymin flies off ahead and they follow, leaving a sad Brock behind.

Mugen sneaks into the ship and attempts to shut down the process, while Zero laughs at him and taunts him from the big screen in the room Mugen is in, claiming he is too late. Giratina’s abilities are 50% copied now, and Shaymin, Ash and Dawn and their Pokemon are caught up battling Zero’s Magnet army. Mugen grumbles that it was he who invented this thing in the first place, and his fingers fly over the keyboard as he tries to stop the machine. Giratina has been 99% copied and is nearly dead with Mugen manages to shut down everything. Giratina collapses and dangles from a metal rod sticking out of the ship. and Mugen comes bolting out yelling that he shut down the engines and power as well. They all rush off the ship on the scooter, and Giratina’s limp body slides off the rod and crashes into the lake below. Zero zooms off his ship in a smaller version of it, and opens a portal easily, sliding into Reverse World – he successfully copied Giratina’s abilities.

His ship crashes, sending tons of forest Pokemon running out onto the shore in front of the flowers. Giratina manages to drag itself back onto shore, then collapses. The kids and Shaymin approach it, and Dawn begins to cry as Giratina gives a final grunt and seemingly is dead. Then, they notice its chest move with a small breath, and Shaymin, who was so upset and hateful to Giratina, flies to land on its chest, screaming that it cannot die. Shaymin glows and seems to send waves into Giratina’s body, and they realize it is healing it with its special ability. Giratina is okay, and stands up while Shaymin flies around in happy circles, landing on its face and giggling. Giratina stares at it, and they seem to be friendly now.

In the Reverse World, Zero smacks into bubbles showing the gang, causing explosions that send them flying. Mugen explains that Zero is attacking the Real World from inside Reverse World. Zero begins to fly around what appears to be pillars of ice on the reverse side of a huge glacier. He begins to smash them, and the glacier starts to slide forward as its ties to the Reverse World are severed. It crashes toward the Flowers, and the gang realizes if it continues to move, it will crush everything, including the town below. As they panic, Giratina opens a portal to the Reverse World, flying off to stop Zero. Shaymin bravely flies to fight with it, and Ash follows on the Scooter, with Pikachu.

The glacier’s movement has awoken Regigigas, who emerges from his temple and calls upon a herd of Mamoswine. Meanwhile, other ice Pokemon are trying to stop the glacier using Ice Beam (like wild Froslass, Dawn’s Swinub and Buneary, etc.), but it is not working. Regigigas and the hundreds of Mamoswine move in front of it and push back against it, not stopping it, but slowing it considerably. The gang cries encouragement as the Ice Pokemon continue trying to help.

In the Reverse World, Giratina battles Zero, but Zero has all Giratina’s power now, and they are evenly matched. Zero continues to scream and laugh and rant about protecting the beautiful Reverse World from the people destroying it in the Real World. Eventually, he is overpowered, and Giratina forces him back through the portal, where his ship is immediately crashed and encased in ice by a Mamoswine on the glacier. Zero stares blankly ahead, defeated and not caring that he is trapped in ice on a glacier that will soon crash through towns and mountains.

In the Reverse World, Ash is on Giratina’s head as Giratina swirls around the ruined pillars of ice, restoring them. The glacier stops moving and everyone rejoices. Ash and Giratina and Shaymin return to the Real World, where Shaymin returns to Land Forme and Giratina gets its legs back. It doesn’t stick around for long though, and suddenly flies away. Mugen checks his computer and realizes Dialga is somewhere nearby. This is left as is, for now…

They turn to see a ton of cute little Shaymins crawling around amidst the flowers. Shaymin, who is in Dawn’s arms now, watches them and sniffles a bit. Ash tells it to go and have fun with its friends, but Shaymin is sniffling. The Shaymins scuttling around in the flowers then begin to glow and change, and fly off into the air, happily dancing amongst the clouds as Sky Formes. Shaymin is hesitant… then, without looking at any of them, says in a tearful voice how grateful it is to all of them. They are surprised, and pleased. Shaymin scuttles away from them into the field, quickly sprouting long legs and ears and prancing into the sky, joining its friends. They fly in a circle as the Glacidia petals swirl around them, and Dawn says “Look…it’s a Sky Bouquet,” and they all admire the beautiful scene.

Everybody heads their separate ways in the end. Zero’s sad and limp form is discovered in his frozen ship, and pulled out by Mugen and various police officers. His Magnets are happily lounging around his crashed ship, while lots of Aron and Lairon eat it up. A ground of Shaymins are sleeping together in a log in the forest. Ash’s mom, Brock’s family, and Dawn’s mother all get Glacidia flowers delivered from their kids. Team Rocket stumbles into Regigigas’ lair (where he quietly returned) and is blasted away again. Where did Giratina go, and what will happen when it finds Dialga? All we get is a closeup of Palkia’s eye, then Dialga’s, then Giratina’s. It then shows all of them, hovering in a stormy sky: Dialga, Giratina in the middle, and Palkia, ready to rip into each other. An ominous voice indicates they are going to be fighting, and then the title, “Diamond and Pearl: Platinum” shows. What will happen? We’ll know in a year!