Early 11th Movie Summary; 12th Movie Detail?

Giratina and the Bouquet from the Icy Sky: Shaymin

Several early showings of Giratina and the Ice Sky Bouquet: Shaymin took place in Japan this past week, and one Pokemon blog owner saw the movie and posted her summary and impression of it. Bangiras has translated her entire post below. Do not read it if you do not want to be spoiled. The summary is obviously disjointed and is not a full-blown scene-by-scene explanation of the movie, but you at least get a general sense of who is who and what is going on.

Heerosferret, our Japanese correspondent, will be attending the first public showing of the movie this week and providing us with an exclusive movie guide. As far as I know, we will be the only English site with someone going to the first public showing. She will also be taking pictures of the theater to show us all how Pokemon fans in Japan party when it comes to the release of new Pokemon movies. Be sure to check back here on Friday or Saturday for her summary!

At the end of every Pokemon movie in theatres, there is always a brief mention of the next movie, sometimes with a small scene. This year, according to the blog owner above, the words “Theatrical Edition Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Platinum” were shown. We will have to confirm this ourselves when Heerosferret goes to see the movie later this week. The blurb could additionally reference the television show, since it will probably be renamed “Diamond and Pearl: Platinum” or “Pokemon Platinum” when the game is released in Japan, just as it was renamed “Diamond and Pearl” when the two games were released in 2006.

Going off the words displayed in the preview, the blog owner speculated, as an afterthought, that the 12th movie might be called “Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Giratina,” but several other websites mistranslated this as a fact. She thought of the title on her own based off the words that were shown in the preview, so the “title” has absolutely no basis.

The Reverse World is a world that accepts pollution from the Real World in the form of poison so that the environmental balance of the Real World isn’t destroyed by air pollution. Giratina looks upon Dialga and Palkia as its enemies, because the effects of contamination in the Reverse World have increased as a consequence of last year’s time-space clash. Dialga, who is resting at a lake, is attacked from the Reverse World by Giratina and dragged to the Reverse World, and Shaymin, who is at the scene, also gets caught up. Escape is impossible for Dialga, but Shaymin manages to escape by absorbing the poison that’s all over the Reverse World and exploding. When it does, it opens a hole in the Reverse World, and Dialga and Shaymin escape. While escaping, Dialga places the Reverse World in a time loop, closing it so Giratina can’t enter the Real World.

Shaymin is the Gratitude Pokemon. It breathes in the world’s dirty air and expels it as restored, clean air. However, if it breathes in poison, an explosion of violent energy occurs. That ability is called Seed Flare, and its explosive power has the strength to open a big hole in the Reverse World.

Giratina, wanting to use that somehow to leave the Reverse World, gives the appearance of wanting to attack Shaymin. The problem is that Shaymin doesn’t understand Giratina’s intent, and has a personality where it flees, saying “I’m going to be eaten!” It appears to have a bad habit of saying, “I’m going to be eaten!” to people who have no intention of doing so, and running away, thinking it’s about to come to some kind of harm. It even says “I’m going to be eaten!” to Ash and runs away the first time they meet.

While dodging attacks from Giratina, Ash and crew head toward a flower garden that Shaymin longs for. As it has a habit of carrying flowers, it says it’s going to cultivate a flower garden of Glacidia pollen that induces sky change. Unexpectedly during the journey, Shaymin touches the Glacidia pollen and becomes its Sky Form. Its personality becomes somewhat strong, and it unreasonably tries to battle Giratina instead of just running away… it goes without saying that this is a bad idea. Once again, Seed Flare is used, enabling Ash and co. to escape the sky they’re sucked into.

Shaymin says, “You’ve gotten this far because of me. Be grateful.” Ash believes that Shaymin’s personality hasn’t changed after all. Incidentally, Sky Form has the achilles heel of weakening in cold and night time, reverting to its Land Form (a useless runaway). Normally Shaymin rides in Dawn’s arms or on top of her head. However, when Giratina or Zero attacks, it has a habit of riding on Ash’s head. Shaymin’s reason: “If I’m going to be eaten anyway, I want to be eaten with Ash.”

Zero schemes of making the Reverse World his, not caring about the battle between Giratina and Shaymin. Shaymin is captured, it uses Seed Flare to make a hole in the sky, as Giratina wishes, Giratina escapes into the Real World and is captured, and its space traveling ability is scanned. The scanning equipment was created by Mugen, and Zero was Mugen’s original assistant. When the scanning system fails and starts sapping Giratina’s life, Zero lies and says he’ll discontinue scanning. Even though Ash and Mugen stop the machine, the space traveling ability is already copied, and Giratina begins to die. Understanding Giratina’s situation, Shaymin revives Giratina with Aromatherapy. (I wasn’t moved by this because it seemed forced.)

Having obtained the ability of space travel, Zero praises it as beautiful and to remove the origin of the Reverse World’s pollution, he begins to destroy the support pillars of the Real World. His actions cause an iceberg in the Real World to start moving, creating a crisis where towns and villages are destroyed. To stop Zero, using space travel, Giratina, Shaymin, and Ash have a midair fight in the Reverse World.

Meanwhile, in the Real world, Dawn and co battle with Ice attacks in an attempt to stop a moving iceberg, but it doesn’t stop. Just then, in the nearby shrine, the sleeping Regigigas starts up and as if to say, “You’re not so tough!” it pushes the iceberg back with its bare hands. It seems impossible, but that’s what happens. In the Reverse World, the battle is decided with Ash and Shaymin’s Seed Flare. Zero is defeated by the attack, and they gain control of the situation.

As I mentioned before, Ash and Shaymin’s conversations are very interesting. The previews made me think that it only became attached to Dawn, but truthfully, its relationship with Ash was more dramatic. When Shaymin arrives at the flower garden and says its farewell, it grins in relief and kicks Dawn in the shin.

At the flower garden where they part, Shaymin who up until now has been boasting, “Be grateful to me” finally says “I’m grateful” and Shaymin, Dawn, and Ash all tear up. Herds of journeying Shaymin look just like an Ice Sky Bouquet. As a custom, this region sends people they’re grateful to bouquets of Glacidias that resemble Shaymin. Ash’s mom, Dawn’s mom, and Brock’s family are all shown being given bouquets of Glacidias at the end of the movie.