Since yesterday, I have been preparing for the TCG Nationals tournament in Columbus, Ohio, so I haven’t had time to update. For those of you who keep telling me to post that “Pokemon 151” t-shirt story, I’ll do it when its official site opens and we have more information (which should be tomorrow). I would have posted it when the preview of the website first went up, but I was too busy.

If the convention center for the tournament has Wi-Fi, I’ll try to post updates on the event as often as I can. I don’t know anything about Ohio and I’ve never been to Nationals, so everything is going to be completely cold turkey and unknown to me. (What’s the capital of Ohio anyways?) I haven’t even been on a plane since my 8th grade east coast trip, so I’m just jumping in to everything. Nana would have wanted me to live, so I’m living. :D My decision to go was such short notice that it’s going to cost 2x to go to Ohio than what it costs going to go to Worlds in Florida. XD

Speaking of Pokemon events this summer, I will also be at the Video Game Showdown tournament in Los Angeles unofficially covering the event, at Anime Expo in Los Angeles interviewing the old Japanese Pokemon director, and at Worlds in August. Lots of Pokemon stuff this summer!