Sky and Land Form Pokemon – Possibly Shaymin

(1) Three midterms + big Humanities essay + no Pokemon news + general craziness =less updates. (2) All of the news stories from April have been removed from the main page; I will put them into a news archive once I figure out how. (3) In case you did not understand the previous news story about a “majestic dawn,” we will have Majestic Dawn scans sometime this weekend (possibly Saturday night). Stay tuned!

The Pokemon blog AAPF has discovered names of new Pokemon forms in a Japanese trademark database – “sky form” and “land form,” both of which were registered on February 20th after Giratina’s “origin form” and “another form” six days earlier. Since Pokemon names and “terms” have to be trademarked to prevent other companies from using them, they must be registered in advance, and thus finding these trademarks usually indicates their use in future Pokemon mediums (though sometimes, trademarks are registered “in case” Nintendo decides to use them, meaning nothing may come out of them).

Seeing as how Shaymin is referred to in movie 11 as the “bouquet from the sky,” is shown glowing in several of the movie trailers as if transforming, and in one shot is in the air (while its flowers glow), it may not be farfetched to conclude it has a new sky form. If this is the case, “land form” probably refers to the Shaymin we already know. Of course, this is pure speculation, and cannot be confirmed until the movie is released and all of this crazy “New Pokemon / forms” news ends.