Redshark 2.10 (Majestic Dawn)

Redshark has now been updated with Majestic Dawn cards, in addition to new and enhanced features. Click here to download the latest version.

In order to install the latest version of Redshark, you will have to uninstall any previous versions. To do this, go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel and click “Add or Remove” programs. Find any Redshark versions you have and uninstall them (your decks will still be saved). Then, launch the installer you downloaded.

New and enhanced features include:


  • Save/Load current game (solitaire modes only)
  • More complete card info on balloon text for Fossil Trainers
  • Improved prize layout and handling
  • Playmat card highlighting for Action-Box
  • Card List Window – when viewing your full deck, it now has a default destination of Playmat & Shuffle on Exit is checked by default
  • Added chat box to ‘big’ message window
  • Show Unown attachments as ‘Tool-Unown…’ (added the ‘Tool-‘prefix)

Deck Builder

  • Added ‘DP-On’ series filter

Network Play

  • Easier to connect to network opponent
  • Sound effect for phase change with on/off toggle playmat image