World Championship Delegate Selection Conference

Because of the threatening letter sent to Pokemon Card Laboratory (PCL), Japan’s remaining Battle Road tournaments were canceled, leaving many wondering how the leftover invitations would be given to Japanese players. PCL has come up with a solution to the problem: to have all of the remaining invitations distributed through the annual “Pokemon World Championship Japanese Delegate Selection Conference.” Try saying that name ten times in a row. Basically, the tournament is their sort of “Nationals” where Japanese players battle it out for a spot at Worlds. This year, there will obviously be more invitations given out to make up for the canceled Battle Roads.

The date and location of the tournament was originally printed on page 15 and 20 of May’s CoroCoro magazine, but PCL has stated the location is incorrect and undecided at this point. It’s odd that they would print the specific location and date knowingly, but then retract it right away; perhaps they were told by the police to change the location, or it is some sort of plan to catch the person who wrote the original letter if they try to send another (I am thinking of a complicated Death Note-style trap here – don’t ask me what it is). Either way, the location, date, and details are unknown at this point.

When more information is released about the tournament, we will post it here!