New Pokemon Game, New Pokemon

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New Pokemon game suggested in CoroCoro

A new Pokemon game will hit the shelves in Japan later this year, according to the May issue of CoroCoro. A checklist with past Pokemon games is presented on one of the pages, with the slot for 2008 suggesting a game will be released during the year (scan courtesy of blue skY).

1996 – Pocket Monsters Red / Green
1996 – Pocket Monsters Blue
1999 – Pocket Monsters Gold / Silver
2000 – Pocket Monsters Crystal
2002 – Pocket Monsters Ruby / Sapphire
2004 – Pocket Monsters Emerald
2006 – Pocket Monsters Diamond / Pearl
2008 – Pocket Monsters ?????

Quite obviously, 2008 will see the “remake” version of Diamond and Pearl, as remakes for past games are presented on the page and that is what it seems to be suggesting. The June issue of CoroCoro (which actually comes out in May, not June) should have more information on the game, and when it does, it will be posted here!

As for the two new Pokemon we posted about last week, CoroCoro has made it quite clear that they do exist. “New Pokemon A” and “New Pokemon B” are shown in both scans below as future products (scans from As with the new Pokemon game, more information on them (perhaps even silhouettes) should be in June’s issue.

New 5th Generation Pokemon in CoroCoro New 5th Generation Pokemon in CoroCoro