More Evidence for Shaymin’s New Form?

All of this “New Pokemon / form” stuff is starting to get tiring… I’m starting to feel like we are one of those celebrity magazines who cover gossip and rumors.

Remember this pen news story about Shaymin potentially having an alternate form, like Giratina? There is now new evidence to suggest that it could be true.

Bangiras has translated the contents of a new “Pokemon Diorama World” product (pictured below; click for a larger image) from a press release. A diorama is a sort of toy set where you put certain pieces together to make a scene. The contents of the diorma press release have a rather interesting thing listed.

A Pokemon diorama with Shaymin origin form?

  1. Giratina (Origin Form) + Reverse World parts x2 + gray plate x4
  2. Dialga + Reverse World parts + gray Battle Stage
  3. Regigigas + Flower field parts + green plate x4
  4. Pokemon A + Flower Field parts + green Battle Stage
  5. Shaymin (Origin Form) + Reverse World parts x2 + gray plate x4
  6. Pikachu + Flower Field parts x2 + green plate x4
  7. Piplup + Ice Mountain parts x2 + blue plate x4
  8. Dawn + Ice Mountain parts + Pokemon Center
  9. Pokemon A + tall mountain parts

Notice how the product lists Shaymin (Figure #5) as having an origin form? That Shaymin is shown in the picture above, but is the exact same Shaymin we all know from Diamond and Pearl. Could the product be suggesting that the Shaymin we have known for the past two years is already in its origin (alternate) form, and that its real form will be revealed in the movie?

A Pokemon diorama with Shaymin origin form?

Here is another interesting fact which may disprove this entire news story (it’s like you read this all for nothing if what is about to be said turns out to be true). Although Shaymin is listed in the product press release as having an origin form, the Shaymin shown in the actual product image (pictured right) just says “Shaymin.” Furthermore, Bangiras checked Google for this product and discovered press release descriptions that just stated “Shaymin,” without the “Origin Form” part (although some of those websites also just stated “Giratina”). Is it possible that the toy company official who wrote the press release that Bangiras translated copy and pasted the “Giratina (Origin Form)” line for Shaymin’s slot (since they have the same parts), replaced Giratina’s name with Shaymin’s, but forgot to remove the “Origin Form” part? The other websites, which do not have a time stamp on any of their pages, may have the corrected press release where “Origin Form” is not present next to Shaymin because it’s an error that was fixed. Whether or not the “Origin Form” part for Shaymin is intentional or unintentional is unknown at this point, but because Shaymin is labeled as simply “Shaymin” in the image to the right may have already disproved this entire news story before you could even begin to speculate!

When are we ever going to get a 100% confirmation that a new Pokemon or form exists?!