Majestic Dawn Theories / Missing DP4 Cards

I have created a page containing all cards from Japan’s DP4 that did not make it to America (since they were being saved for Majestic Dawn). The link is in this news story below.

DP4: Moon Hunting / Night Dashing originally had 135 cards (excluding Basic Energy), yet only 97 made it to America. What happened to the other 38 cards? Pokemon USA was saving them for Majestic Dawn, America’s “filler” set, which we know consists of cards from:

That equals 82 cards. Majestic Dawn has 100 cards according to a press release from a month or so ago, so we know we are missing 18 cards. Where are these going to come from? Possible options include:

Japan’s DP5 (our DP6) has 130 cards (excluding Basic Energy), so removing around 10-20 cards from it when it becomes our DP6 would make America’s DP5 and DP6 around the same size. However, the amount of promos we are missing, in addition to Basic Energy that could be added to the set, does come close to the amount of cards missing from Majestic Dawn. Therefore, there is the possibility we will be getting those instead of early Japanese DP5 cards. Evidence to support this could be indicative of how sucky POP 6 and POP 7 were, since they only contained alternate artwork reprint cards and nothing new. Why didn’t they just include some of the random promos we are missing? Were they saving them for something?

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what Majestic Dawn will be comprised of. In the meantime, all translation pages are now included under “Japanese Spoiler Translations” in the “T.C.G.” section of the left menu for easy access.