All Set Scans Up!

All of the set scans are up again! Use the right menu’s “Card Scans” section to access each set. The promo pages are not ready yet, but they should be by the end of the week!

Note that if you want to access a set quickly, type:[set-name]/scans

Technical details: Most of the bad quality cards were rescanned by Shakespeare, our master card scanner, and there are only a couple of cards here and there with poor quality (since he does not own a few cards yet and we had to use poor-quality prerelease scans). All Diamond and Pearl sets were rescanned, the latter two using Shakespeare’s new high-quality scanner. All card scans from every English set are present and have been digitally remastered for superior audio and video quality. ;)

More technical details: The scan pages are generated by a backend database system thingy created by Meowth346 (the webmaster of the old Pokemon Forever website). Him and I have only been working on it for about 1.5 years, and soon, it will be used to generate the new Card-Dex (which is close to completion). Because of the new backend system, when a new set or card is released, all I have to do is enter its info into the database and everything will automatically be updated (set scan pages, the Card-Dex, and the eventual card search). Everything will now be up-to-date and consistent as soon as a card is released!