11th Movie Shaymin and Regigigas Movesets

The May issue of CoroCoro has revealed the movesets of Shaymin and Regigigas, who will each be downloadable as promotional Pokemon for the 11th movie, Giratina and the Bouquet from the Icy Sky, Shaymin. Both Pokemon come with a previously unobtainable berry. Shaymin can be downloaded in the actual movie theater, while Regigigas is available at stores where people purchase their pre-sale movie tickets.

Shaymin with Micle Berry
~Seed Flare
~Energy Ball

Regigigas with Custap Berry
~Iron Head
~Icy Wind
~Rock Slide
~Crush Grip

Micle Berry raises the accuracy of a move for one turn when Shaymin is “in a pinch,” while Custap Berry allows a Pokemon to go first for a turn when Regigigas is “in a pinch.”

Regigigas cannot naturally learn Icy Wind and Rock Slide, so it is exclusive to this 11th movie promotion only.