Palkia and Darkrai LV.X Tin Promos

EDIT: Thanks to Ruddy Kitty, we have Dialga LV.X’s scan now! It is included in the news story below.

Dialga, Palkia, and Darkrai LV.X Tin Promos – Our master card scanner, Shakespeare, bought the Darkrai and Palkia LV.X tins from his Target today and scanned the cards (using his brand new scanner, too)! Click the thumbnails below for larger scans. Each tin costs $15.00 and comes with one “Great Encounters,” one “Mysterious Treasures,” and two “Secret Wonders” booster packs.

Dialga LV.X Promo #17Palkia LV.X Promo #18Darkrai LV.X Promo #19

As of now, there are twenty-one Diamond and Pearl promo cards. Every single one of them is a reprint of an existing card, just with alternate artwork; there are no original cards.

DP01 – Turtwig
DP02 – Chimchar
DP03 – Piplup
DP04 – Pachirisu
DP05 – Tropical Wind
DP06 – Buneary
DP07 – Cranidos
DP08 – Shieldon
DP09 – Torterra LV.X
DP10 – Infernape LV.X
DP11 – Empoleon LV.X
DP12 – Lucario LV.X
DP13 – Buizel
DP14 – Chatot
DP15 – Shinx
DP16 – Pikachu
DP17 – Dialga LV.X
DP18 – Palkia LV.X
DP19 – Darkrai LV.X
DP20 – Magmortar
DP21 – Raichu