Darkrai Reveal Soon?, Shinx CC Promo and Holo League Energy

Darkrai Reveal SoonDarkrai Reveal Soon? – If you go to Pokemon.com, a shadow of Darkrai floats around when the main page loads and then disappears in around ten seconds (click the thumbnail to the right for a larger screenshot). Since Darkrai is going to be released in Great Encounters in February and the 10th movie should be coming out early next year, Darkrai is going to have to be revealed pretty soon from now. It should be available for download at Toys R Us around the time it is revealed, since when we found out about the Manaphy giveaway, we also received information that when Darkrai would be revealed, it would be available there in the future as well. Darkrai’s time is coming soon! Now we just have to wait for Shaymin and Arceus in both Japan and America…

Shinx Promo and Holo Energy – Thanks to Epyon0015, we now have scans of the City Championship promo Shinx and the holo Grass and Fighting Pokemon League energy you can earn from getting your first two Sinnoh Gym Leader badges and from completing two League challenge (both energy are basically reverse holos). Click the thumbnails below for larger images.

Shinx City Championship PromoFighting League HoloGrass League Holo