11th Movie title

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Regigigas in 11th Pokemon Movie11th Pokemon Movie Title – We now have the Japanese name of the 11th Pokemon movie, thanks to Bangiras: Theatrical Feature Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl: Giratina and the Bouquet from the Icy Sky. The name of the movie was revealed on the Japanese television show Ohastar along with a teaser trailer, but the contents of the trailer are currently unknown (the trailer was probably the one shown on the official movie website, and if not, it could have just been for “teasing” purposes and not actually meant to depict the true plot of the movie). The official Japanese movie site showed the location scouting crew of the movie visiting a glacier and other icy / green regions as part of the planned setting of the movie, so the title definitely fits.

Knowing this title and the teaser trailer previously released, the 11th movie will feature both [Regigigas] and [Giratina], but what about [Shaymin]’s predicted role? After all, the first teaser trailer for the movie showed Regigigas popping out of a flowery field. Could the “bouquet” in the title refer to Shaymin? Since it is a hidden legendary and the movie is still eight months away, there is still plenty of time to reveal Shaymin, so we don’t have to dismiss its potential role just yet. Could it be the one who restores balance to the event that goes on in the movie, if it is the “bouquet” in the title? Could Giratina help with sealing the colossal Regigigas (maybe by sucking out its soul, if it has one?)? Is Regigigas the “bad guy?” Are Regigigas and Giratina truly the only two Pokemon stars of the movie? We’ll just have to wait and see… if the Japanese want to fit all of the Diamond and Pearl legendaries into the movies by the next generation, then it seems like putting three legendaries or more into every movie will at least get most of them in.