DP 16 Pikachu, Redshark

EDIT: Added Redshark news story.

Has this been a promo-packed week for this site or what?

Redshark UpdatedRedshark, our exclusively-hosted TCG program, has been updated by Mike Ignatoski (the creator) to include Secret Wonders. You can download the newest version by [clicking here]. For more information on Redshark or for help installing the new version, visit our Redshark page.

DP16 Promo – Pikachu – Yet another new Diamond and Pearl promo has been revealed this week – Pikachu! It seems as if Pokemon USA is really pumping out new holo promo cards and blister packages for this holiday season, which I guess shows how well the TCG is doing. I don’t ever remember promos and packaging coming out this fast in the history of the TCG, even during the “fad” era.

The promo Pikachu is an exact reprint of the [Mysterious Treasures Pikachu], but with different artwork, and it is holographic. Shakespeare found it in a new blister package at Wal-Mart, which comes with a Secret Wonders theme deck and a Mysterious Treasures booster pack, all for $14.99. The blister package does not come with a special coin (although the theme deck does), unlike the other blister packages we posted this week. Click the thumbnail below for a larger scan.

DP16 Pikachu Promo