New DP14 Chatot Promo, New Pikachu POP 6 Holo

EDIT on Wednesday morning: Raikou Trainer, an employee of Wal-Mart, has informed us that blister packages containing black star promo Buizel (DP13) came in last night packaged with a new holo POP 6 Gible reprint. Buizel is apparently a reprint of the Diamond and Pearl set Buizel, but with alternate art. Hopefully, we will get scans of these cards soon!

DP14 Promo and POP Holo Reprint – The fourteenth Diamond and Pearl promo has finally been revealed – Chatot! In Japan, Chatot was packaged with Choco Snacks (boxes of chocolate), but was not holo. You can now find Chatot packaged with a new holo POP 6 Pikachu reprint at stores like Target and Wal-Mart. The blister package comes with one booster pack of Mysterious Treasures, three booster packs of Secret Wonders, and one blue or red energy coin, all for $14.99. Click the thumbnails of Chatot and Pikachu below for larger scans. Thanks go to our master card scanner, Shakespeare, for the scans!

DP14 Chatot PromoPOP 6 Holo Pikachu

The following is a list of Diamond and Pearl black star promos released thus far:

DP01 – Turtwig
DP02 – Chimchar
DP03 – Piplup
DP04 – Pachirisu
DP05 – Tropical Wind
DP06 – Buneary
DP07 – Cranidos
DP08 – Shieldon
DP09 – Torterra Lv.X
DP10 – Infernape Lv.X
DP11 – Empoleon Lv.X
DP12 – Lucario Lv.X
DP13 – Buizel
DP14 – Chatot
DP15 – Shinx