Want to know something funny? When leaving school today, my book bag’s strap broke and everything flew out of my bag. Want to know something even funnier? My barely one month old laptop was one of the items that flew out and slammed into the ground several feet away from where I stood. Want to know something that is even better? I broke the keyboard, put a gash on the protective covering I JUST put on the cover of the laptop yesterday, and managed to cause part of the CD drive to pop off. This third laptop has a good future ahead in my protective hands! You know, when I was in an interview today for a project, I wasn’t kidding when I said I think ghosts follow me.

This is just a notification – something I must post so that I keep the promise to myself to study. I am taking my AP and IB exams two or three after Easter Vacation, and Easter Vacation starts Friday. I have worked for four years to get where I am, and these final exams will determine whether I get my IB Diploma and extra college credits. Therefore, it is imperative that I study during the days I am off, which means I will have limited time to make updates here. I may try to finish the Card-Dex soon, but I am going to focus on school foremost, so forgive me if I do not update very often between now and the month of May. I am sure I will update at a reasonable pace, but I am just giving a notice in case I go into periods where updates are scarce. I hope everyone understands! The plus side of this is that when mid-May comes, IB, AP, and all of these crazy honor classes will finally be over, which means I will have virtually all the free time in the world to make up for what I missed in the previous month. After that remaining month of school between May and June, summer will come, where I will rush to get this site where I want it to be in time for college, and then after that, it will be time to go to college. This school year is ending fast…

Oh, and there has been almost zero Pokemon news. Seriously. What a better time to not have news than now?