EDIT #1:This IGN article has confirmed that Pachirisu’s English name will be Pachrisu, deleting an “i.” However, many fans have spelled the Pokemon’s name the same way before (just do a Google search for the name and you will see), so it may just be a spelling error on IGN’s part and it could be keeping its Japanese name in full (and it may not be). For now, though, we are classifying Pachrisu as its real name.

Quick update… again!

EmpoleonPiplup + Rare Candy = Empoleon – Gamespot has revealed the name of Pochama / Piplup’s final evolution – Empoleon. To quote the article, which was about Pokemon Battle Revolution, “We saw a flaming unicorn shoot fire from its mouth; Empoleon, a penguin, rode a large wave that did damage to two characters at once; and there were all sorts of colorful casting attacks [link].” You should know where the name of Empoleon derives from if you went to fourth grade and took “Social Studies.” :p

Sarah Natochenny (Ash’s VA) Interview – A month or so ago, I e-mailed Sarah Natochenny with some questions, and she replied to me today! The interview has been reproduced below.

1. When did you first hear about Ash needing a new voice actor?

My manager sent me on the audition around April of 2006.

2. How many people showed up to audition for the voice?

Actors get appointments so there was no American Idol line for it, but when I asked out of curiosity, they said a LOT. They probably called all the NY agencies for submissions and went through their own files of actors they personally know. So yeah. A lot.

3. Once you got the part, how did you react? How did others in your family or your friends act?

I was shocked. Completely. I remember walking out of the 1st audition, calling my mom, and telling her how awful my audition was. I was shocked to even get a callback. My family was proud, my friends lovingly laughed at me. Or maybe not so lovingly.

4. Have you ever met Veronica Taylor or any of the other original VAs?


5. What is a typical day for you go like? Do you drive to work? Talk to other VAs? Get Starbucks? Leave and go to McDonalds? :p

I don’t eat McDonalds. Sorry! I live in Manhattan, and actually got behind a wheel for the first time only a few days ago…which is probably illegal…I only drove like 3 feet in an empty parking lot. I walk to the studio, or if it’s freezing I’ll take a cab. I live too close to it to make any sense out of taking the subway there, but that’s generally how I get around. I’m usually the only actor in the studio, sometimes we overlap, but I rarely see other actors, because we all record separately. We order food at the studio, I usually have a salad or fruit with yogurt. Sometimes there’s a chocolate cake hanging out somewhere in the studio and I eat that too :). On a day that I’m not recording, I’m a regular actor. Auditions, some work, German and French classes, improv practice, and just hanging out with friends, with my cat…regular stuff!

6. How long do you usually spend working as Ash everyday? Does it ever get tiring or over-exciting?

Well I don’t work every day. I usually schedule it as one long day. It sometimes gets tiring, because I’m naturally a pretty low-energy person, but they take good care of me!

7. How do you prepare for an episode? Do they show you the script in advance? Do you practice it? Or do they just give you the script when you walk in?

The script never leaves the studio. There’s a synopsis that I read, and then go right into it. I read the script as we go so my reads are correct.

8. How hard is it to match the lip flap?

At first it was quite difficult, but now I usually get it on the 1st take.

9. Has Ash’s voice changed your own voice in any way?

Not at all.

10. Did you enjoy dubbing the Manaphy movie? How long did it take to do?

I loved it. The movie is sooo beautiful. It took me about 6 hours to do. It comes out April 3rd!!

11. Have you started dubbing the Diamond and Pearl season in Sinnoh? Do you know any Diamond and Pearl English names, besides Mantyke, Manaphy, Buizel, or Chatot?

I just dubbed the 1st two episodes…and you ain’t gettin any names outta me! (WPM Note: the first two episodes of the Sinnoh region are the last two episodes of the current season. The actual D/P season does not start until summer.)

12. How close are you to the other VAs on the show?

We’re all friends, but we don’t see each other as much as we should! Parties are always a blast with these people.

13. Have you read any criticism about the new VAs? How does it affect you?

Sometimes I read the boards but I don’t post on them. I get a lot of fan/not so much a fan mail. Some I agree with, some I don’t, some makes me work at the voice harder, some the read harder etc. Overall it’s helped.

14. Has working with Pokemon opened any doors as far as future voice acting work goes?

People think it’s cool. Even people who are in straight acting take notice. Mainly it’s just random and unexpected for a young actress to say “yep and I also do Ash on Pokemon.”

15. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about what you have seen behind the scenes of making Pokemon episodes?

I honestly can’t think of anything because the work isn’t very integrated…we have a lot of laughs!

Thank you!