Podcast Intro, Names Soon

Quick update since I have a ton of homework (and will have a ton for the rest of the week). I have a great deal of news I wish I could have put up this weekend from the past week (since school took up all my time last week), but I don’t have the time to write it now, so I’ll write it sometime this week if I have time.

PokeBeach Podcast Intro Episode – We completed the podcast Saturday night, and edited it Sunday. This podcast’s purpose was to show that we could do one – an experiment, so to say, where we got a feel of how we would make future ones. We covered extremely general topics, such as the Pokemon movie pros and cons (mostly cons), the English D/P Pokemon names, Diamond and Pearl and Pokemon Battle Revolution, a few questions about Pokemon and PokeBeach, and general D/P TCG comments (with a lot of music!), so this podcast was covering all of “the bases” so that we could set the ground base. Future podcasts will cover specific topics depending on the previous week, and will most likely range from 30 minutes to 45 minutes, not a little over an hour like this one. The podcasts will not be as general as this one either, and we will talk much more in depth about other topics, especially the TCG (we talked completely in general for the TCG portion of the podcast because we were tired and this was only an intro podcast – not an actual episode). To listen to the MP3 of the podcast, [click here]. PokeBeach Podcast Episode 1 will take place this Saturday night, and if you want to sign up to be a call in guest (which means you need a computer microphone, high-speed connection, and Skype), post in this story’s news thread.

Official English D/P Names Coming – An official Pokemon source has informed me that Pokemon.com will reveal official English D/P Pokemon names sometime this week. The date is supposed to be on Thursday (February 22nd), but it could be anywhere around that date (like Wednesday or Friday). Can’t wait for Pochama’s real name (if that is one of the Pokemon names they reveal)!