School = craziness, and this week won’t be much better (ACT, IB World Literature Paper, IB Extended Essay Rough Draft, etc). I anticipate the craziness will continue until Christmas.

More Scans – We add to our art museum today (thanks to a donation from the Shakespeare Company) with ye olden:

  • [EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua]
  • [EX Hidden Legends]
  • [EX FireRed and LeafGreen]

We had these scans before, but they have now been re-edited and digitally re-mastered for superior picture quality and sound.

New D/P TCG Videos – The Japanese Pokemon TCG website has been updated with two new commercials advertising [Pokemon Card Game: DP]. You can see the videos under “CMが見られるよ!” and “CMが見られるよ!”

Battle Revolution Media – Five new videos have surfaced for Pokemon Battle Revolution, including new screenshots from the game. You can view the first video, which shows several battles, by clicking here (or saving the link to your computer and opening it in Windows Media Player. The second video shows the interactivity of the Nintendo DS and Wii, and you can view the video by clicking here. The final set of videos shows extremely short segments of attacks, and are available on the official Japanese Battle Revolution website. More screenshots from the game are also located on this page. That’s a lot of media!